A cheater's guide to breakfast in bed in Boston should start with the phone number for Laz Cafe. The small, counter-service shop in the South End delivers egg and cheese sandwiches, omelets with home fries and toast, and even eggs Benedict every day until 3 p.m. Cafe manager Fatih Uzuner introduced the service to appeal to customers who had been out late the night before. "It's very convenient for breakfast to come to them," he says. French toast or pancakes are packed up with syrup, butter, and jam. A large order of either one, or a breakfast roll-up stuffed with eggs scrambled with a choice of fillings, is hearty enough to hold you until dinner - especially if you didn't get up until mid-afternoon. Laz Cafe, 1744 Washington St., Boston, 617-536-0066,

Credit: CLARA SILVERSTEIN. Boston Globe
1744 Washington Street, Boston, MA       Phone: 617-536-0066 Website by Community Communications, Inc.